About C.O.B.R.A

For more than 80 years C.A.I. has maintained a strong, proud, rowing tradition, producing excellent crews, year after year, that have competed successfully throughout Great Britain and Ireland. From C.A.I. crews, oarsmen have gone on to excel further in club and national crew boats basing their success on the comprehensive and complete rowing platform that they obtained, thanks to their experiences at CAIBC. We look forward to this proud rowing tradition continuing under the club's new guise of CGSRC


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Latest News

March 2016 - Quarterly Update

Coach and Club Update Without a coach in place and relying solely on the support of several dedicated old boys to keep

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The 2015 COBRA AGM was a landmark for the organisation, as the Board of Directors proposed a number of options for the

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COBRA Day 2015

The annual COBRA vs Schoolboy races will take place as usual on the morning of Monday 28th December with COBRA Day 2015

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